Maine's Choice for Custom Wheels & Rims

Visit our showroom to see our in-store display of custom wheels. We stock a large selection of wheels and can also custom order them for you if we don’t have what you’re looking for. Great looking rims are only part of the decision making, you also need to consider how the new wheels will affect your vehicles performance. Our trained technicians will give you expert advice of wheel style, wheel configuration, and tire performance. Let us help you select the perfect set of wheels for your vehicle!

Alloy Wheels

These are great if you do a lot of driving in hilly areas or stop-and-go traffic. Some alloy wheels are designed to encourage cool air flow over the breaks to prevent overheating.

Plus-Size Your Rims

If you want to improve performance and add a sportier look, think about plus-sizing your rims. With a larger inner diameter, you’ll find steering is more responsive and your vehicle will hold the road better. Keep in mind, larger rims mean larger tires.

Keep the Weight Down

To keep the weight down look for rims that aren’t too heavy for your vehicle. Big, steel rims on a small car can decrease handling, stability and gas mileage.